General Conditions


  1. The General Conditions reported below, regulate the relation between FairWorld e.k. and the Client when providing for one or more products/services for exhibitions and events.
  2. The assistance required must be commissioned by letter/fax/e-mail of  appointment or by confirmation of appointment issued by FairWorld e.K. and countersigned by the client.
  3. The client will have to provide FairWorld e.K all the information of the services/products required in a clear, unambiguous and detailed way, taking full and exclusive responsibility. FairWorld e.K in turn will carry out with great care the tasks entrusted to it by the Client, and it will respect the instructions received at the moment of the confirmation of the task and it guarantees that its services will be carried out to perfection by highly professional staff. Any change and/or corrections to the service/product required during the provision of the task, when assessed to be critical, will signify a review of the contract by FairWorld e.K. If these changes and/or corrections prove the service to be no longer enforceable by FairWorld e.K, the Client is committed to pay for the work provided up to that time and to cover all the expenses incurred up to that time.
  4. They payment of fees set out will take place according to the procedures agreed and shown in the details of the assignment. Once reached the deadline of payment FairWorld e.K is entitled to rescind the contract and apply default interests. Failure to pay on expiry of invoices issued by FairWorld e.K, for any reason, will cease the provisions of any service agreed with the client, making the credit immediately due and blocking any orders yet to be filled. In this case, FairWorld e.K has the right to immediately rescind the contract or order yet to be filled, without any obligation to indemnify.
  5. If unable to provide the service for causes beyond its control or other special circumstances preventing the implementation of the service, FairWorld e.K. can turn down the assignment without being required to a refund.
  6. Generally, for confirmed assignments and subsequently cancelled the agency is due a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total compensation agreed. For cancellations up to 7 days before the starting date of the event, the agency is due a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total compensation agreed.
  7. Any complaint must be submitted in real time therefore during and not at the end of the assignment so as to give FairWorld e.K the possibility to solve any problem occurring. Unless specifically agreed in writing, a complaint does not justify any delay or non  payment of the services provided by FairWorld e.K
  8. Entry ticket to exhibition/event: responsibility of the client
  9. Uniform of the staff, upon request: charged to the client
  10. The client can express its preferences on the selection of staff, however FairWorld e.K reserves the right to use different staff, without this integrating a breach of contract. In addition to that FairWorld e.K has the right, if necessary to substitute the staff during the provision of the service.
  11. The quotes given by FairWorld e.K. are considered binding only if specifically formalized on offers and/or contracts. The unit prices in the price list FairWorld e.K are indicative and can be changed without notice.
  12. The client agrees to provide all the measures envisaged by current legislation of a safe working environment. The client agrees as well to make sure that the environmental and technical conditions are the most appropriate to carry out the assignment agreed.
  13. The indication by FairWorld e.K of the knowledge of foreign languages by  staff available to the client, is indicative and descriptive only and does not give any guarantee about the level of knowledge of the language.
  14. We would like to inform you that your details will be used solely for the current business relation. Make sure to check your personal details, address for invoicing, VAT number etc. We are not responsible for any errors.
  15. The provision of services is regulated by the law of the German State
  16. For any dispute related to the present agreement, the parties acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction and subsidiary of Frankfurt am Main.







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