Why not work for us?

At FairWorld we are always on the lookout for reliable and professional free-lance personnel for the main national and international trade fairs and events.

We are looking for:

- Qualified professional interpreters
- Multilingual interpreters
- Hostesses/stewards
- Promoters
- Artists
- Models
- Bartenders
- Waiters/waitresses

Very good knowledge of English is an essential requisite.
Working with FairWorld means being part of a dynamic, reliable and efficient organization. That is why we select people with outstanding personalities and a special personal flair who enjoy making use of their skills to provide an excellent service.
If you are interested, send your CV to us at:
This will enable us to assess your abilities and identify the best type of work to recommend for you. Please attach two pictures to your CV (one close-up of your face and one full length). If you have the skills we are looking for, we will take you into serious consideration as a candidate.

We would be very pleased to meet you !


Processing of personal data

Your personal data will be processed only upon your approval.
The profiles we send our customers are anonymous and contain no personal reference. You may remove or change at any time your CV profile by e-mailing us at:


- Application form


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- List of trade fairs and events, January - December 2011 
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- Invoice form
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- Contract conditions
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