FairWorld provides German native speaking personnel with a very good knowledge of English. Other languages could be available upon request. Our staff members are ready to offer a professional and competent service meeting your specific needs:

- Info-Hostesses/Stewards
provide the public’s first impact with your stand and act as an effective filter. Their functions are: information service, reception of visitors and customers, product presentations, assistance at the stand, distribution of brochures. Essential requisite is a friendly and professional attitude.
- Promoters
for demonstrations and promotions. A promoter must believe in the product he/she is offering in order to convince the public to try it out. A very friendly attitude and excellent communication skills are trump cards.
- Service-Hostesses/Stewards
bar tending and serving at the tables, and for catering activities: professional skills and experience ensure impeccable service.
- Animators and Artists
attracting and involving the public. An original idea or a charming character may be enough to achieve unexpected results. Fascinating chorus girls, cabaret artists, entertainers,VIP´s doubles, cartoon artists and portraitists apply their own initiative to enrich your program.
- Image Hostesses/Stewards
enriching your stand and making it more attractive, by wearing and presenting your garments or products.
- Flyer promoters
  for distributing your advertising material. 
- Chauffeurs
  at your service throughout the event.

FairWorld considers the hostess/steward service as a genuine profession, and identifies it with an extremely important contribution towards the success of any type of event. This strengthens the importance of the careful selection of personnel that is required to fulfil the customers’ needs and to satisfy them in full.

Let us know your needs, in particular the type of activity you require, and we will send you an estimate free of charge together with a selection of profiles of our staff members.

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