Sending company personnel to attend a trade fair or event abroad could be very expensive (travelling, room and board, overtime, and so on). So why not consider using the services of skilled and reliable local interpreters?
FairWorld provides multilingual interpreters able to meet your specific needs:

  - Professionally qualified interpreters:
to carry out any kind of interpreting, including simultaneous interpreting, consecutive translation, whispered translation, and ad hoc interpreting. Our personnel offer experienced language training and detailed terminology knowledge enabling them to tackle any subject.
  - Interpreter-Hostesses/Stewards:
Our personnel have excellent knowledge of German and English, and other languages if required. Their activities include providing information, welcoming visitors and customers, making product presentations, providing assistance at your stand and distributing flyers. The main requisite is a friendly and professional attitude.
Our interpreters play a professional key role at the stand, and are the public’s first impact as well as an effective filter. They participate actively in the company’s problems, provide linguistic support and act as valid and skilled go-betweens in business negotiations between parties unable to speak the same language. Our interpreters will be able to handle your documentation and fill in your order forms.

Our interpreters have a vast general culture enabling them to tackle with ease the many topics that can crop up and to grasp readily the key points and main issues of the arguments to be translated.
Before beginning any trade fair or event you may send product information and any related material to our interpreters. They will study the specific terminology related to your products or company profile. This preliminary preparation ensures the positive outcome of their assignment.

Let us know your needs, in particular in terms of language proficiency, and the type of activity you require, and we will send you a free estimate as well as selected profiles of our staff members.

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